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Information Technology

1st.Lt. Justin Fust, CAP

Information Technology Officer



For unit IT Officers:

CAPR 120-1 is the primary resource for INFOSEC information.

OPSEC information can be found here.  This includes links to CAP training material and DoD training and awareness material.

Federal guidelines for operations in the CAP.GOV domain (such as unit websites) are available in eServices as part of the Internet Operations application.  Click on the Federal guidelines link under "CAP.GOV Information."

Unit IT Officers should maintain regular working relationships with the Public Affairs, Logistics, and Administration teams.

  • Public Affairs - Records of unit internet operations are maintained in eServices using the Internet Operations application.  Unit ITOs have access to this application and should record unit social media accounts here.  The use of these accounts, however, is a PA activity.
  • Logistics - CAP-assigned computers are included in the inventory responsibilities of the unit Logistics Officer.
  • Administration - In an SUI, it falls to the Admin team to ensure that back up plans and processes are in place for electronic files.  While there aren't specific inspection items for IT in an SUI, the ITO can be extremely beneficial in developing and executing these backup plans.

The IT Specialty Track

Activity ideas 

Technician rating candidates

  • "Develop [a tool] for use by unit leadership...":  Develop a tool to collect and report on prospective members.  How are they hearing about CAP (effectiveness of recruiting efforts)? Who brought them (eligibility for the Recruiter ribbon)?
  • "Conduct a unit IT lesson for using necessary hardware and software to manage unit affairs": Develop and present lessons to the members about how to access available network resources (shared printers, cloud storage, etc) and provide basic troubleshooting tips.

Senior rating candidates

  • "Write or updates the unit IT Plan of Action":  Develop plans for how the unit IT section will support squadron operations.  This can include administration of Google Groups or G Suite accounts if utilized by the unit.
  • "...implement an IT activity that will support the learning objectives of cadets...":  Participate as a CyberPatriot coach.
  • "...[support] a wing or higher level activity by supporting the IT infrastructure":  The cadet encampment is one such activity.



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